One voice, endless possibilities

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Your Voice, Endless Possibilities.

Unleash Your Creativity with VOIS, Right in Your DAW!

Creative Workflow

Seamless transformations inside your DAW. Effortlessly explore diverse options without interrupting your workflow.

Royalty Free

All voices are generated by our innovative VOIS technology and copyright free, giving you peace of mind when using in your commercial projects.

High Quality Results

Preserve your audio's original content while seamlessly integrating diverse vocal styles with minimal gear.

Vast Library

Explore a vast collection of vocal styles and instruments. Industry-standard microphone options for superior quality with Mics Addon subscription. Pure, unaltered sound without emulation.

Watch in Action

Discover how you can integrate VOIS to your workflow.


Pay as you use. one time charge per purchase.

No strings attached.


for starters


  • 1000 credits
  • 1000 Seconds of processing
  • One time charge per purchase.


to save 20%


  • 2500 credits
  • 2500 Seconds of processing
  • One time charge per purchase.


our best deal, save 33%


  • 6000 Credits
  • 6000 Seconds of processing
  • One time charge per purchase.

More Options for PROs

Monthly subsciption plan that unlocks premium Microphone options and more

Mics Add-on

highest quality for professionals


  • No Emulations: Real Sounds, Real Microphones.
  • 500 monthly credits, no expiration.
  • Industry-standard microphone options:
    • Japan G800
    • German A87

frequently asked questions

Use it with no worries. All voices are VOIS-generated and copyright free, giving you a piece of mind to use in commercial works.

VOIS is a VST3/AU/AAX plugin that requires either an AU (like Logic, Garageband etc.) or a VST compatible host (like FL Studio, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton etc.) or Pro Tools to load. Currently we do not have a standalone application so DAW requirement is a must.

Currently we are compatible with Pro Tools(AAX) and DAWs that use Audio Units(AU) and VST3 such as FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Cubase on both MacOS and Windows.

The credit system is determined by the duration of your audio recording, not by the processing time. Processing a 60-second recording, 60 credits will be deducted from your account (1 credit per second). Any processing that takes less than 3 seconds, a flat fee of 3 credits will be charged. All purchased credits will remain accessible until they are utilized. Additionally, by subscribing to our Mics Add-on, you can gain access to our highest quality sound modelling technology.

You can manage your subscription following this link and logging in with your registered payment email.

You only need a clean & dry audio signal to get the best results. Then let VOIS do its magic for you. VOIS can make your recordings shine even while you are using your internal laptop microphone!

For Mac users, VOIS is compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and later versions. Windows users can run VOIS on Windows 7 and subsequent versions.

Mics Add-on is an exclusive membership that grants access to a selection of voices with industry-standard recording microphones. This expansion unlocks a vast sonic palette offering sounds from diverse microphone tones. Unlike any other technology available today, Mics Add-on supported voices enable you to experience sound in its most pure form. Whether you're a professional seeking precision or an enthusiast longing for the truest sound, this feature is designed to surpass your expectations.

NEW: For each successful renewal of your subscription term with Mics Add-on option, 500 credits with no expiration date will be deposited into your account. Subscription period starts after the free trial.